Friday, March 5, 2010


I got interested in sports by simply watching television. My dad played a big part of my extraordinary success, he helped me get though every game! I played many video games and then I got real curious.

The first sport I preformed was t-ball. I started at about 4 or 5 years old. My friends in the neighborhood played too. I had lots of fun with the kids. I made many friends while playing.

When I got older I couldn’t play t-ball any more, I had to play baseball. My friends moved up to baseball along with me. Older kids got to know me and started to hang out with me. I enjoyed playing with them even if they were on the opposing team. I guess you could say I had many friends and wasn’t ever alone.

One day I got tired of baseball and didn’t want to play any more. I had been doing it for a long time right about then. Many of my friends still wanted me to play, but I got tired of it.

I got really interested in football, so I asked my dad if I could. He simply said “Yes”. I made more and more friends. I got to talking with a kid named Jaylin. He played half-back. He was faster than me. I have only played 1 year though. I still want to play. But join a different league, which I’ll have even more friends. I’m looking forward to play other sports. Basketball looks very fun. I think I’ll play it next year. I hope to become a sports professional when I get older. But whatever I do I’ll be happy. If I play anything else I hope I can find friends wherever I go. Any time I play with friends were surely going to play sports, No matter where we are. I am definitely addicted to every game, and so are my friends. If you were me you’d be a fantastic athlete no matter what sport. I’m a absolute star player at any sport. If any of my friends turn on me because I play a different sport, I can say okay and go to other people playing that sport that I’m new at. I will continue to watch ball games and play video games to improve at sports. I’ll just sit back and leave it to the professionals! Computer websites will help too. You know they have a lot of information on those things. Ever need information on sports ask your’s truly.

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  1. You do have a positive attitude!