Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Machines Essays

Here are some simple machines. A screw twists and keeps things together. A pulley is round and can lift a heavy load. Wheels and axles can more things more easily and roll smoothly. A wedge is shaped like a triangle and separates things. A lever has one side that goes up and one side that goes down, and the middle is called the fulcrum. An inclined plane makes things slide and the higher the inclined plane the faster the object goes.


There are six simple machines. The screw, which keeps things together. There is also the pulley which lifts heavy loads. The wheel and axle move smoothly. We aren’t done yet! Who could forget the wedge? The wedge separates things. Now the lever looks like one side is up and one side is down. Last, but not least, inclined planes make things slide. Simple machines are important to life.


A simple is in every machine on earth and in space. They’re silent helpers in life. Take a screw, people think without a screw life would be normal. No, life would be very different. Without a pulley, maybe your house wouldn’t exist. A pulley helps you lift extremely heavy loads. A wheel and axlel are very important today. Without wheels and axles, cars, buses, trains and bikes wouldn’t exist. The wedge is very important to lumber jacks. Without wedges almost every wooden thing on earth wouldn’t exist. I don’t know much about levers, but I do know that levers help lift things up. Last but not least, inclined planes help take stress off of lifting loads. See, simple machines are important to life.


There are six simple machines. The first one is the screw. It helps keep things together, and it twists when you use it. The next one is pulleys. They lift heavy load and are round. The wheel and axlel roll things smoothly and can move things easily. The wedge separates things pretty well. It is a cool triangular shape. Levers are pretty nice. One side goes up while the other side goes down. What is interesting is that the middle is called a fulcrum. The last is the inclined plane. When you use one, things slide, but if you make it taller the faster it slides. Simple machines are important to life.


There are six simple machines. A screw is a simple machine and it keeps things together. Another simple machine is a pulley and it lifts heavy things. The next simple machine is a wheel and axle. It rolls smoothly. The other one is a wedge and it separates things. Then, there is a lever. One side goes up and one side goes down. Last but not least, the inclined plane makes things slide. Simple machines are important to life.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Happenings

We have been busy finishing up our units for the first semester. Third graders made inventions. As part of the inventions unit, the students learned a lot about simple machines. They used Kidspiration to organize their learning and wrote an essay, which we decided we will post to this blog. The third graders are finishing their unit on Five Traits of Giftedness as well. We are making file folder books to show how each student demonstrates the five traits of above average ability, task commitment, creativity, courage and caring.

Fifth graders finished their robotics unit and competed in the FIRST Lego League. We have started Record Breakers, a math unit on world records. Lots of fun. We have also been working on Autobiographies. We have read autobiographical pieces by prize winning children's authors and analyzed them using Paul's reasoning web, and the literary analysis web. We have begun working on our own autobiographical pieces which will focus on a theme.

Fourth grade finished their unit on natural disasters. One of the classes built a model for their solution and explained the model with a poster. The other class created a website using Publisher. Hopefully we can get our computer tech to add the website to the school website soon! We are also working on our mathematical analysis skills through the unit, Analyze This! The students are learning about representing and interpreting data. They love collecting the data through surveys and other activities.