Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sexism Webpage

Students created a webpage about Sexism. Here is a picture of the Home page. We were not able to publish it.

A Fictional Story Based on Research About Child Labor

    The Nightmare Of Child Labor 

One night when I closed my eyes I saw the worst thing in the world poor kids being abused to work.  I say to myself they are is so much pain I should help.  so I reach to help a little girl but she doesn’t seem to notice so I try speaking to her but it seems like she is ignoring me so I just leave her alone. I go with a boy who works next to her and I ask if I can help him he just looks at me with anger so I leave him alone. A little boy calls me but he seems scared a go and talk to him he says that we are not supposed to talk.  That is why they were ignore me. Where am I what is happening . we are where we always been . and like always being put to work. Why. Because we need the money even if we get paid half then the adults. Where are your parents my parents died because of poorness. When I woke up I thaught where did he go I keep thinking of that nightmare. (the next night) I laid in my bed wondering about that boy in my dreams was he alone have I seen him before was it a vision I just want to go back to help him to help THEM. I need to they need me I have to (the next day) last night I didn’t get any sleep because the worst thing happened I went again but I got a poor boy in trouble I made him talk when he started talking a big shadowy thing was standing behind us the lady didn’t seem to notice me I tried to stop her because she was going to whip him but it seemed like I wasn’t there I felt bad and then I tried to grab him to help then I woke up I felt so bad it was all my fault if I was not there it would not have happened I fell so sad. (the next night) I have to stay asleep I need to stay longer but I need to not bother anyone. (the next day) I found the person I first met I told him everything that was happing I told him to come with me but could not come so I promised that I would stay there with him the next time I go(THE NEXT NIGHT) ok I would stay here with you I step in I stay their later I said that I wanted to go home but he didn’t  let me until he let me go but it was too late I was stuck there I yelled help me but the only thing that came was a lady with the whip coming tords me…….. I tell myself she cannot see me so I act like she is not there but she starts sprinting tords me so I run she still chases I get scared I try to find somewhere to hide I can’t find anywhere to hide until I see a door it is dark.  I turn around to see if she was still chasing me and I see a big shadow so I run into the dark room. It is so dark but I have to stay the shadow passes me I take deep breathes  until someone is trying to open the door so I find things t hind under or around when the door opens there is no one there so I peek and I see the lady she is still looking for me ohh no she saw I have to hind there was nowhere to hide she got closer ,and closer ,and closer, until she sees me so I sprint to a little room I twist my ankle I can’t move that much she is getting closer I need help someone help me she gets close she lifts her whipe and she…………..TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

MLK Continued

Leani created a PowerPoint on Martin Luther King, Jr. Her PowerPoint had to be broken into two parts due to the size of the file.

Leadership Unit: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nathan studied Martin Luther King Jr. as an example of an outstanding leaders. Here is his PowerPoint describing his accomplishments, hardships and leadership qualities.

Brendan also studied Martin Luther King, Jr. and here is his PowerPoint.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Carley's Article

Gender Discrimination  
     This is an article about gender discrimination as you probably know, this is a problem and you should treat everyone fairly. They may be having a hard time going through gender discrimination you should always be a friend to everyone, no matter their gender. 
     I think that gender discrimination is still happening. It happens when people discriminate each other just because they are the other gender. You should not judge people by how they look or if they are different. Ex. You should not think a girl is weak because of her gender.
     A way to fix that is to not care what gender other people are. Gender discrimination is like judging people on their skin color, eye color, fashion choices, and body shape. Maybe those people are getting bullied and need a friend, so be a friend, and help them.
    Something the court did to try and fix this was The Equal Pay Act of 1963. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 is a United States labor law modifying the Fair Labor Standards Act, aimed at eliminating wage difference based on our gender, it was signed into law on June 10, 1963, by John F. Kennedy
     To sum up my article, I think that there are many ways to stop this. If everyone just didn’t care about everyone’s genders are world would be a whole lot better, and we would have more fun without gender discrimination.    

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pie Graphs and Sexism

Our Concept Based Unit in Fourth grade had been on justice. We studied a variety of subtopics such as bullying, poverty, racism, child labor and sexism. Concurrently we are doing a unit on analyzing data, Analyze This!, for our advanced math curriculum. The two units merged in our assignment on surveying and pie graphs. The students created a 10 question survey on sexism and administered it to various students and teachers. Next we used Excel to create pie graphs. We analyzed each question and then wrote a summary. Here is Carley's summary:

I think that sexism is still a problem. People still can't help to make a joke about it. I think that sexism is not funny. People still make generalizations about things that men/women like and dislike. Everyday someone faces sexism with comments like, "But you're a girl." or "You like ponies? You're a boy." Sexism is a rude body of speech. Don't be sexist. It is very rude and hurtful. Love the genders the same.