Friday, March 1, 2013

Movie Suggestions

Bibliotherapy is defined as the use of reading to produce affective change and to promote personality growth and development. Movies can also be used to help children deal with their feelings and/or promote growth and development. I thought I might share a list I found of appropriate films for gifted elementary children. These films can be a means of starting a discussion about issues that gifted children deal with.

Akeelah and the Bee                                              High aspirations
Because of Winn Dixie                                          Creative Problem Solving
Ellen Foster                                                            Resilience, influence of mentor
I'll Remember April                                               Social Injustice, Moral development
The Journey of Natty Gann                                    Creative Problem Solving
Little Man Tate                                                       Asynchronous development, friendship
Matilda                                                                   Family Issues, Need for Acceptance
My Girl                                                                  Appreciation for female intelligence
A Painted House                                                    Moral development, Emotional support
Pictures of Hollis Woods                                       Art as therapy, Emotional sensitivity
The Red Sneakers                                                  Talent development, Anti-intellectualism
Ruby Bridges                                                         Courage, Importance of family support
The Sandlot                                                            Balancing academics and athletics
Searching for Bobby Fischer                                 Importance of healthy competition
School of Life                                                        Belief in self, Individual differences
Selma, Lord Selma                                                 Resilience, courage
Shrek                                                                      Importance of friendship
Up                                                                           Pursuing dreams, Managing grief
Wide Awake                                                            Loss of loved one, Sensitive male figure
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken                                  Overcoming disability, Creative Problem Solving