Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AAGC Conference

I attended the Alabama Association for Gifted Children conference September 27 and 28th. One of the keynote speakers was Sylvia Rimm, who is an expert on helping parents of gifted children overcome underachievement. She also has some great general advice for parents.
Dr. Rimm covered the Top 10 Needs of the Gifted and Talented. This is great information for parents.
1. Need high expectations for themselves. GT students need to feel smart and the best way to feel smart is take on challenges.
2. Need a good work ethic. GT students need to work hard and see that the harder you work the more you achieve.
3. Need competitive resilience. GT students need to know that you win some and you lose some.
4. Understand that they have areas of strength and weakness.
5. Need differentiated curriculum so they can take on challenge and have a good work ethic.
6. Need GT peer environment. They need a safe place for their giftedness especially in Middle school years.
7. Need united positive parenting. They need both parents working together on the same beliefs and values.
8. Need to know that their parents respect teachers.
9. Need good role models.
10. Need a reasonable balance between achievement and affiliation.

Check out for more information.