Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Happenings

We have been busy finishing up our units for the first semester. Third graders made inventions. As part of the inventions unit, the students learned a lot about simple machines. They used Kidspiration to organize their learning and wrote an essay, which we decided we will post to this blog. The third graders are finishing their unit on Five Traits of Giftedness as well. We are making file folder books to show how each student demonstrates the five traits of above average ability, task commitment, creativity, courage and caring.

Fifth graders finished their robotics unit and competed in the FIRST Lego League. We have started Record Breakers, a math unit on world records. Lots of fun. We have also been working on Autobiographies. We have read autobiographical pieces by prize winning children's authors and analyzed them using Paul's reasoning web, and the literary analysis web. We have begun working on our own autobiographical pieces which will focus on a theme.

Fourth grade finished their unit on natural disasters. One of the classes built a model for their solution and explained the model with a poster. The other class created a website using Publisher. Hopefully we can get our computer tech to add the website to the school website soon! We are also working on our mathematical analysis skills through the unit, Analyze This! The students are learning about representing and interpreting data. They love collecting the data through surveys and other activities.

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