Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Puppy: Beginning to End

Have you ever gotten a new puppy? Well here’s the story about when I did… It was this summer and we had no idea we were getting a new puppy. Until my dad surprised us and said were going to get a Chocolate Lab. So we all hopped in the car and drove for about 45 minutes. When we got there we saw little puppy’s running around everywhere! They were so cute and they were all brothers and sisters. We knew we wanted a girl so we looked around and discovered there were 3 girls. We picked one that we thought was very playful and just the right size!

After we picked which dog we wanted the owner had to tell us a little bit about her. So he covered the basics like food, and how they react to things and stuff like that. Then it was finally time to take her home. We put her in the car and we had to have a towel just in case! On our way home with the puppy we were discussing a name. Nobody could agree my brother wanted to name her Sweet Tea and my sister wanted to name her Coco.
By the time we got home we home we agreed on a name. We named her Lucy! We got Lucy out of the car and into the backyard. We let her sniff around and get used to her surroundings. At first we really didn’t know what to do with her but after each day we got more and more comfortable with her.
A couple weeks later we started getting used to her. But we were still learning to teach her right from wrong. She still chews on some stuff that she shouldn’t be chewing on, and eats stuff that she shouldn’t be eating. But Lucy has improved on a lot of stuff.
Now we have had her for about a year and she is just like a member of the family [well minus the dog part]. We have a daily routine now and we always know when its time for walking or feeding her.
Getting Lucy has changed me in many ways. It has made me more responsible and made my love for dogs grow even greater.


  1. It was cute adorable and funny I liked it.Having a puppy is hard but you will get usedto it.

  2. i really like this story it is cute

  3. I love this story so much it was great

  4. you're story is entertaining.

  5. emo girl says
    I hate puppies especially ones named coco

  6. emo girl is a loser