Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Football, Pain and Pleasure

Do you like football? You do you should keep reading, if you don’t you should still keep reading anyway. Well never mind this is my story. Two seasons ago my friends played. But I was stuck playing boring upward flag. So next season I got to play tackle football. I thought I would rule the field.

When I got to the first practice I knew I was wrong. Even though it wasn’t contact, I knew I wasn’t going to get Half back or even full back. The no contact practices were hard, and I couldn’t wait for contact.

On the first contact practice I was knocked around a lot, but I LOVED it. I even got layed out once. But one fateful day I was blocking a half back from our team. I tripped and fell back on my arm. At first I couldn’t feel it then it started to hurt. I didn’t want to cry in front of my teammates so I didn’t. When I was sitting out my mom came and took me to the er when I got in I saw someone from football camp. He was just sick. When the doctor looked at my x-rays he said my arm was broken I was so happy.

When I got back my team had played a game already. They had won. As the season went on we kept winning on the last game of the season came around we lost. But it was a tie for first in our division. Then we got by on our gpa.

For our first playoff game we won 21 to 0. Our second we won 12 to 6. But the last game when I was a starter we lost 6 to 18.

Well we had a pretty good season. We were second best out of 7 states. When the coach gave us our game film I watched it about 50 times. That made me feel good. That season was pleasure full and painful.


  1. Great story. Very good description.

  2. LL COOL J, Coolio

  3. emo girl says quit football and pick up knitting

  4. Love the title!