Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life of a Ten Year Old

My life has been happy,
my life has been sad.
My life has been boring ,
my life has been bad.

My tonsils were removed at age six,
and in my life, I have been sick.
I’ve read lots of books, and gotten new hobbies.
And I don’t usually do mopping.

And in my life I’ve had tragedies,
But I’m not going to talk about those things.
So I’ll talk about something that not as sad,
Something that really was a blast!

One day I smacked my head on the slide,
When I hit the water, it felt like a tide.
My mom was concerned when I got to shore,
I definitely had a headache,
that was for sure!

My life frequents change a lot,
Sort of like a light switch turns things on and off.
And so I conclude with this,
My life can be happy, my life can be sad.
Change can go slowly, or change can go fast.


  1. I love the metaphor of a light switch

  2. emo girl says try some rice cakes

  3. I like that you read books and get new hobbies. That's a great way to be happy!