Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Me and My Life

My life had a terrible start.
It didn’t take long to tear my family apart.
The divorce happened so fast,
But that is now in the past.

Now I frolic in the fields.
I feel like something is protecting me,
Like a shield.
And when I go to dinner I can feel safe,
knowing that I’m in the right place.

But soon I will have to choose which parent I will lose.
Who will go he or she?
Thinking about it takes away my glee.
It’s a choice that makes me cry.
And inside my heart will die!

After I choose I still know,
That their love for me will still show.
After I choose, after the pain is lifted away.
It will be a very happy day!


  1. IT made me so sad I almost cried

  2. this poem is awesome

  3. it was heart touching and sad it is very good though

  4. It was very inspiring and touching this poem almost makes me cry

  5. i really like it it is really sad and i feel sorry for you it almost made me cry

  6. emo kid!
    you rock my socks!

  7. Your poem is very well written. Just an observation......So if you are happy and feel protected now, haven't you made your decision?? Maybe the hard part will be sharing your decision with your parents.