Monday, November 8, 2010

Chaffee SPACE

Turning a new leaf. Today I begin to use this blog to communicate what is happening in SPACE to parents of Chaffee students. I certainly will appreciate any feedback since I am not sure what parents are looking for.
It is tough to know what needs to be communicated. Some parents are looking for more information than their child is sharing. Some parents are on overload, and just need to know what they need to do to keep their child learning. I don't have a good idea of who will even take the time to read this.
A brief summary of the activities occurring are:
3rd Grade-
Mystery of the Moli Stone (Numerical Systems)
4th Little Pig (Creative Problem Solving)
Inventions (Systems)
Mary Cook Center (Logical thinking)
4th Grade-
Math Olympiad (first test 11/18/2010)
Images of Greatness (giftedness)
Natural Disasters (Creative Problem Solving)
At the Mall (Algebra)
ABC Book of Me (giftedness)
5th Grade-
Math Olympiad (first test 11/18/2010)
FLL Robotics (competition December 3 and 4)
What Are Your Chances? (probability)
Learning contracts


  1. It was great to get a note about your blog.
    I really enjoy hearing about what the kids are doing.
    I look forward to your updates.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to blog! I like knowing what they are doing, so I can ask him about it. Otherwise I tend to get: "How was school?" "Fine." "Do anything interesting/new?" "Not really."

    Do they all participate in Math Olympiad? I'm interested in knowing about any optional activities, so I'll know what he chooses to participate in, and not.

  3. Yes I appreciate you taking the time to blog about it. All I know is that you guys do lots of 'worksheets' some being logic puzzles. I've often wondered what exactly they do in there. Will add this to my reader. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for doing this blog. It is great to see what the kids are doing in SPACE. Disney LOVES the logic puzzles, but I really have no idea what that is. So I would like to understand more about what each of the items listed above actually are. I look forward to future posts. Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much for doing this. This is more info than my son has ever given me about what happens in SPACE :-)