Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Poems about Poetry

Have you ever?
Have you ever been in a cold bed at night, Have your parents ever screamed and fought. Have you ever been so hungry and your tummy hurts, Have you ever been ashamed of your clothes from dirt. Have you ever been punched, bitten, or hit, Then consider your life in the pits. Have you ever sat in a darkened room, And your only light from the moon.

2020 that will end that’s your vow
WAKE UP parents, WAKE UP  children, we need you now!

By Lorelai

Children in Poverty   
A child sits on a dirty floor
The wind howls through the door
This is where a child calls home
On the street where a child roam
His estates is a dangerous place
It homes of ten children, it is a disgrace 
Kid in school ask for phones
The boy asks his parents not to leave him alone
His parents with no money can’t cop
The boy has given up all hope
There is never enough food for them to eat
They can’t afford the bill for heat
They want to give the child a good life
But poverty leaves the with troubles and strife
They hope and pray for the future ahead
Not like other who end up dead
by Lorelai

A poverty poem  
   When you are walking down a street look at the children you could meet. Some are rich, some are poor
Some do not have a home to go. When you are out walking down a street look at the shoes that don’t fit his feet. Got no family, got no friends, and got no money to even spend. When you are out walking on your own, He feels like he is all alone. Just remember there are kids out there, But life in poverty just ain’t fair.

by Lorelai 

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