Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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How to stop Child Labor                       

·         This is a website to help stop Child Labor
·         Here are some links to some websites where you can donate:
·         Cry: Child Rights and You
·         Child Rights
·         Here are some pictures of Child Labor

What is Child Labor?

·         Child Labor refers to the employment of in any work that deprives children of their childhood
·         Poverty is the main reason Child Labor exists
·         Sadly, Children are hardly paid for their work 

How are Children in Child Labor Treated?

          The people who put children in Child Labor often whip children if they don’t work hard enough. Also children can be beat if they mess up, or work extra hours. The law that was effective was the factory act in 1833.

 Loss of time
Always taking away fun
Brings sadness to families
Obviously will never stop
Ruins childhood

What is the worst part of Child Labor?
     The worst part is children don’t get to choose whether or not they want to do it. Instead their forced into it, which is by far is the worst. Please donate on the first page and get info about Child Labor on the second page. This website is short because it was made to inform, but links on the first page to websites where you can donate.


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