Monday, January 3, 2011

Duke Talent Search

I am sending home information regarding Duke 4th/5th grade Talent Search. Students qualify for this program in one of three ways. The first way to qualify is to have a score in reading, math or composite of 95 or better on the SAT X testing that was done last spring. The second way to qualify is to be enrolled in a gifted and talented program (SPACE) and score a IV on the ARMT reading or math given last spring. The final way to qualify is to score in the top 5% on an aptitude test which is the IQ test given to qualify for SPACE.
The program does have a cost associated with it. The benefits of the program are outlined in the brochure and your family can determine if they would like to participate based on the services given. Students who sign up will be recognized at either our K-4 awards day or the 5th grade awards ceremony with a ribbon from Duke.
Feel free to email me with specific questions at . Congratulations to all those students who qualify!

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